Adult Chiropractic: First Visit

Adult Chiropractic treatmentWe want to make your experience at the Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic as pleasant as possible.

Consultation and Case History

Firstly, we will need to take an in-depth history of your presenting complaint, including onset, mechanism and presentation. Lifestyle factors are taken into account, such as ergonomics, nutrition, exercise and stress. Other significant previous medical history details are then recorded. You can be assured that all information is strictly confidential.


We then gain a more in-depth understanding of your individual biomechanics by performing a physical examination, consisting of postural analysis, spinal analysis, orthopaedic and neurological exam and a blood pressure check.

Based on the findings, the Chiropractor will decide if any further investigation such as X-Ray or MRI Scan are necessary before treatment can commence. If Chiropractic treatment is not deemed appropriate, the clinic has an excellent referral network to other practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Orthopaedic consultants or Podiatrists.

adult chiropractic treatmentReport of findings

Before treatment commences, the Chiropractor will explain in detail your individual mechanics, as well as the basic anatomy of the spine and nervous system.

The Chiropractor will prepare a individual treatment programme to suit your needs. This will include exercises to rehabilitate, as well as advice on how to best look after your spine and health for life!


Treatment may or may not be administered on the first visit, depending on the individual case. We will give our expert opinion as to suitability following examination.

Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, specific manipulations by hand – called chiropractic adjustments – to free joints that are not moving properly. An adjustment can produce an audible sound (created by bubbles of gas popping as pressure is released). There are many different techniques that Chiropractors master over many years in order to adjust the spine. They will vary their technique according to what is most suitable for your age, size and specific problem. The adjustments will be combined with soft tissue mobilisation and possible other structural aides, such as blocking or activator.


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