Pregnancy Chiropractic: First Visit

pregnancy chiropracticConsultation and Case History

We start by taking a complete history of your health both before and during the pregnancy, ranging from general medical conditions as well as any biomechanical symptoms. We take note of any biomechanical or medical problems during previous pregnancies and deliveries if applicable. Lifestyle habits, activity levels and nutritional status are all areas we look at. Other significant previous medical history or significant family history details are then recorded. You can be assured that all information is strictly confidential.


In addition to the routine postural observation, spinal analysis, orthopaedic and neurological exam that we cover in a routine chiropractic assessment, we also assess the approximate lie of the baby (depending on the week of pregnancy). We pay particular attention to areas that can often be problematic during pregnancy; that is the Sacro-iliac joints (pelvis) and symphysis pubis and their associated muscles and ligaments. We have a special pregnancy pillow that accommodates ‘the bump’ allowing you to lie face down on the chiropractic bench.

Report of findings

Before treatment commences, our chiropractors will give a summary of the Chiropractic findings and will give you an opinion as to the suitability of chiropractic treatment for you. If deemed suitable, we will gain consent before commencing any kind of treatment.

Hampstead Chiropractic Pregnancy TreatmentTreatment

Treatment may or may not be started on the first visit, depending on the individual case and of course consent. Treating pregnant mums-to-be involves gentle techniques. Our chiropractors are experienced at treating pregnant women and will always make sure you are comfortable. They are trained to use specific adjustments to the muscles and ligaments that promote optimal balancing of the pelvis in pregnancy.

We also have a special pregnancy pillow that accommodates the bump all through pregnancy. This allows pregnant patients to lie comfortably on their front without any pressure on the bump or breasts.


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