Adult Chiropractic Testimonials

The following are just a small selection of testimonials from our Chiropractic patients.  Please do ask us for additional testimonials from patients who have had treatment needs similar to you.



“Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic was the last place I have tried and I could not recommend it more! As a migraine sufferer with a slight scoliosis I haven’t found any other better option! Fantastic staff! I’m looking forward to coming in every time and Laureline makes a huge difference to my back. She is always very helpful, telling me the tricks and exercises to improve my posture and overall life. I always recommend this place to all of my friends.”

Kat Nemcova

“I started coming to see Nina in December 2014 and she is the best in the business. She explains everything very clear and to the point, apart from being a good Chiropractor she’s funny and very witty.”

Peter McHugh

“I started Chiropractic treatments over three years ago. It changed my life for the better. Less pain, better posture and no flare ups are just the top three things I can think of. I’m now doing monthly maintenance and feeling much better for it despite a stressful job.”

Deniz Kayacan

“I’ve been having chiropractic treatments for over 20 years as a monthly maintenance. Now I have only two occasional flare ups, whereas I used to have to take time off of work with agonising, paralysing pain. HCC is a friendly, effective practice.”

Sarah Hjelt

“Thanks to a recommendation I found Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic with Nina and her colleagues. The staff are friendly and welcoming, Nina is very experienced and always seems to find the right points that need adjusting. I walk away feeling released and free in movement, she has also managed to ease my concerns on acupuncture. I would recommend the practice of anyone is looking for Chiropractors.”

Wendy Irving

“A good practice with friendly workers. Nina is a very experienced Chiropractor; she knows how to identify the target points. Apart from adjusting she does dry needling which I found help to ease the muscle pain. I would definitely recommend Nina if someone is looking for a Chiropractor.”

Vonny Ye

“I have been coming to the practice for several years and always feel the benefit afterwards.  I feel refreshed after my treatments. The staff are always friendly and I enjoy telling them what I have been doing since I last saw them.”

Charles Bicheno

“I am currently undergoing treatment at Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic.
The attendants and staff are extremely welcoming. My first treatment was very detailed and I left looking forward to my future treatments. My Chiropractor was very attentive and provided me with a comprehensive plan. I would definitely recommend this practice.”

Matilda Mutanguha

“Relationship with the clinic is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
“Fantastic!!!!! The prices are very reasonable for the treatments and I do recommend the place to friend. Starting the relationship with the clinic is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”


The treatments you provided were terrific. Wishing you all the best!

Jody Vogelaar

I had been suffering with back and shoulder problems for some time which had built up due to sitting at a computer and using a mouse all day. Regular sessions at Hampstead Chiropractic have successfully relieved me of the shoulder pain. I have always felt very comfortable at Hampstead Chiropractic thanks to the friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

Helena Redmond

I used to get Chiropractic treatments in France and I found here a high quality of service. I have consulted for a low back pain and it has been resolved in a few visits.

Benjamin D’hourt

Nina is great at her job, and has done wonders with getting my back up and running. Charlotte at reception, is really friendly and is always nice, it’s a pleasure being greeted by her.

Sabeena Lalwani

An oasis in the busy city of London. Always receive a professional but friendly welcome to accompany solid treatment.

Richard Bell

Having previously tried Physiotherapy and Osteopathy for my back pain, Chiropractic has given me the best results in the shortest length of time. The environment and staff are all friendly and professional. Would recommend without hesitation.

Laura Roche

I so wish I had come to this clinic sooner. Why spending money on symptoms, when here they can treat the cause?

Heidi Ahsmann

Lyana is the best in the business. The type of techniques she uses are bespoke- just right for you and she is so friendly and caring that you look forward to seeing her again and again. I wouldn’t go to any other clinic. In addition, Fern is an amazing Sports Masseuse, she always manages to sort my knots and seeing her regularly keeps me pain free. Worth every penny.

Emma Bracey-Wright

I have been treated by two of the practice’s chiropractors, Nina and Elise. Both have been thoroughly professional and extremely thorough in getting to the root cause of my problems. The subsequent treatment and exercise regime has got me well on the road to recovery.

Jonathan Percival

An essential for when you have small children and Hampstead Chiropractic clinic is always a friendly and relaxed place to be.

Caroline Barrett

My regular visits to the clinic ensure that my muscles are behaving themselves and are the perfect antidote to weeks on end spent hunched over a keyboard. She has relieved pain that I thought would take days to go in mere seconds and she is always attentive, often remembering the Idiosyncrasies of my back better than I do myself.

Iain Aitch, Writer

An invigorating and very pleasurable experience which always leaves me feeling completely refreshed after every visit. A thoroughly professional approach is shown throughout your visit. I recommend anyone with any sort of back problems to try it. You only have one spine, so look after it and banish those aches and pains. Really helpful staff and I’ve always received an excellent service.

Suzanne Truman

Elise very much takes the time to understand inpidual problems and address them in the best way for the patient. I would recommend her to anyone.

Kate Carolan


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